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VIP Services
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VIP customers usually have higher requirements on the translation quality, response time and comprehensive service quality of the translation company, and Marshub Language Services is able to provide VIP customers with higher-quality VIP services.

Quality Assurance
  • Expert Interpretors

The most professional and reputable interpretors can guarantee the quality of the finished products to the greatest extend. For VIP customers with extreme high quality requirements, we will set up an exclusive VIP translation team for the customer by selecting the best internal interpretors, and the team leader will be responsible for the proofreading in person to ensure the output of finished products with the highest quality.

  • Senior Project Manager

We assign senior internal project managers for VIP customers to carry out project communication and overall control. The project manager will report the project progress to the customer on a regularly basis and conduct internal coordination to ensure the perfect delivery of the project.

  • Fast Delivery

VIP customer projects are given the highest priority within our company, and we will ensure prompt communication and response, close project tracking, and timely delivery.

  • Exclusive Database

Our TMS corpus will keep the translation corpus for VIP customers for a long time, so that we can provided fast, accurate and consistent translation in the future cooperation to provide customers with consistent and high-standard translation services.

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