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Expatriation Services
Service Introduction

Expatriation service is to provide long-term, accompanying or on-site translation services for overseas business negotiations, exhibition exchanges, visits and investigations, and engineering projects.


With a large number of cooperative interpretors, Marshub Language Services can provide you with multi-lingual and uninterrupted expatriation translation services.

Service Content
  • Business

Include business negotiations, visits and investigations, conferences and exhibitions, and other business activities carried out abroad.

  • Engineering

Include civil engineering, bridge engineering, exploration engineering, equipment deployment and other engineering projects carried out abroad.

Quality Assurance

We will provide 2-3 times the number of interpretors for the customer according to the project requirements, and the customer will determine the final candidate through online or offline interview.


The remaining alternative interpretors will automatically become the substitute interpretors of the project to cope with illness, emergencies and other conditions of interpretors, or will be standby for the normal rotation of interpretors, so as to keep the customer's project schedule not to be affected.

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