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AI Data Services
Service Introduction

AI data service is a kind of data service that manually annotates the training data such as speech and image for the artificial intelligence machine learning industry which is emerging gradually in recent years, or the training data needed in supervision learning.


With powerful resources, Marshub Language Services can provide you with one-stop solutions for speech acquisition, data annotation and other services.

Service Content
  • Speech Acquisition

It mainly refers to the speech data of various languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, etc., or the recording acquisition of pronunciation for various dialects such as Cantonese, Teochew dialect and Hunan dialect.

  • Data Annotation

It is a kind of operation in which all kinds of machine learning data, such as all kinds of images, voice and text, are manually screened, distinguished, classified, graded and then labeled with data.

Quality Assurance

With a strong resource management team and a wealth of universities and social resources, Marshub Language Services has established a good university-enterprise cooperation relationship with a number of domestic universities such as Changsha University, Hunan University of Commerce and Central South University of Forestry and Technology. No matter what size, age, gender and specific characteristics of data the customer needs, we can always organize them in a short time.


Combined with the project allocation and monitoring module of our business support platform, we can well control the progress of tasks, control the quality of data collected, and finally provide customers with high-quality task results.

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