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Interpretation Services
Interpretation Introduction

In the era of globalization, there are huge demands for international communication. Face-to-face communication with people is a common communication scenario, whether it is customer escort, business negotiation or conference and exhibition.

Regardless of the online and remote contact or offline on-site communication, the experienced interpretation team of Marshub Language Services is able to facilitate customers in completing the external connection and communication.

Service Content

BiAn Language Services supports various ways of interpretation, such as simultaneous interpretation in large conferences, accompanying translation during customers visit, remote online interpretation, etc.

  • Remote Interpretation

Include online interpretation of telephone and video, simultaneous interpretation of online training, etc.

  • On-site Interpretation

Include simultaneous interpretation, whispering simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation in conference communication, training interpretation, customer accompanying interpretation, face-to-face interpretation in exhibitions, travel interpretation and so on.

  • Special-purpose Interpretation

The service scope includes court, medical, foreign affairs, customs, entry and exit, foreign-related labor and personnel, public security administration and investigation and other occasions.

Quality Assurance

The interpretors of Marshub Language Services hold interpretation qualification certificates issued by state-recognized interpretation agencies at home and abroad, with rich practical experience and profound language skills. We will match the best interpretors for you in terms of their language level, professional specialized knowledge, image and temperament to meet your various interpretation needs. We are striving to facilitate enterprises and individuals to easily cope with international conferences, business negotiations, exchanges and exhibitions, foreign guests reception, factory investigations, remote telephone video and other business scenarios, breaking the language barriers.

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