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Translation Services
Translation Introduction

Translation usually refers to the translation of documents such as data and business documents. The transformation between source language and target language is a very important link in the product internationalization and international cooperation. High-quality translation can facilitate the attraction of your potential customers and partners.

With more than 20 years accumulation, Marhub Language Services has established a powerful TMS translation corpus. Combined with our local certified interpretors from all over the world, we are able to provide you with professional, high-quality, native-language translation services.

Service Content

Marshub Language Services supports the translation of a large number of text materials, covering the fields of medicine, business, finance, law, standards, papers, documents, literature and patent, and provides translation in more than 300 major languages around the world.

  • Business Contracts

Include all kinds of contracts, agreements, bidding documents, service agreements, etc.

  • Product Manuals/Instructions

Include product related instruction manual, specification, product documentation, service process and other content.

  • Advertising Copy

Include translation and creative translation of all kinds of advertising copy.

  • Literature Translation

Include translation of various works, translation and polishing of SCI papers, etc.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing is a crucial element in most translation projects. Many translation projects involve promotional materials, graphic displays, website layouts, etc. Getting a translated text is still a long way from a good presentation of the final product.


Our desktop publishing team can provide high-quality desktop publishing services within the shortest time, and try our best to restore and optimize the original design feeling and texture of documents.

We can support desktop publishing in many mainstream formats, such as Word, PowerPoint, CorelDraw, CAD, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe XD, FreeHand, PageMake, VISO, etc.

Delivery Guarantee

Marshub Language Services allocates and manages translation projects through the CCJK business support platform. We will match a sufficient number of interpretors for different translation projects, monitor the project processing progress of each interpretor on the platform in real time, and make response and adjustment in a timely manner, so as to ensure that we can deliver satisfactory finished services within the delivery time to the greatest extent.

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