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Other Industries

Relying on its rich language experience, a large number of interpretors and a strong system platform support, Marshub Language Services can provide professional language services for your industry, including those not mentioned above: legal affairs, engineering construction, information communication, artificial intelligence, publishing, literature and art, advertising, retail, tourism and many other fields. Feel free to contact us for our solutions to the language translation problems in your industry

[Legal Affairs]

Include the translation of litigation documents, legal documents, such as indictment, pleadings, appeals, petitions, power of attorney, will, etc.
[Construction Industry]

Include translation, interpretation, expatriation services for civil engineering, road and bridge construction, line, pipeline and equipment installation industry, survey and design industry and other related professional service fields .
[Communications Industry]

It mainly includes translation services related to products and markets of various communication operators and telecom equipment manufacturers, as well as interpretation services for design conferences and exhibitions.
[Culture Publishing]

Include translation services for books and academic monographs in the fields of culture, art, education, sports, literature and history, health, philosophy and social sciences.
[Tourism Industry]

It is mainly the accompanying translation services for enterprises and individuals on their travels.
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