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Multimedia Industry

With the arrival of the 5G communication era, a large number of videos, audio and images have become the main carriers of information, and video platforms such as Tik Tok and iQIYI inspire people's enthusiasm for creation all the time. The rich forms of expression and infinite creativity of multimedia carrier have firmly attracted the attention of the audience and become a highly respected way of information dissemination.


With an experienced multimedia team, including audio recording engineers, editors and interpretors, Marshub Language Services is able to provide you with audio/video translation, subtitle translation and production, audio recording and other multimedia language related services. We have hundreds of native language audio recording experts working closely with us around the world to provide professional audio recording services in multiple languages at studio level. At the same time, we can also provide you with free sample audio recording, to meet your higher requirements for voice and emotion expression.

Subtitle Related Service
[Listening Translation Related]

Include video, audio listening recording and translation, original subtitle output and other services.
[Subtitle Related]

Include subtitle translation, subtitle production, subtitle video synthesis and other related projects.
Audio Recording Related Service
[Audio Recording Related]

Include the recording services of role audio recording, narration, commentary, advertising slogan and other recording services under various languages and voice conditions.
[Video Synthesis]

It is mainly about the synergy for sound, image and word of the video and the above intermediate products, synthesis and output of the final finished video file.
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