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Manufacture Industry

With the deepening of the international division of labor, the production, manufacturing and sales of all kinds of products take place in a wider area. In the process of products going to the world, the difficulty of language communication has gradually become a trigger point for manufacturing enterprises, which often restricts the development of enterprises.


With more than 20-years translation experience and more than 11,000 cooperative interpretors around the world, Marshub Language Services can provide language services for manufacturing enterprises in product information, market promotion, conference negotiation, business cooperation, accompanying customer and other scenarios.

Document Translation & Desktop Publishing Related
[Product Manuals]

Include the translation and desktop publishing of specifications, product manuals, operation manuals, technical documents, user manuals, etc.
[Business Contracts]

Include the translation and desktop publishing of sales contracts, cooperation agreements, authorization documents, agency agreements, technology transfer contracts, etc.
Enterprise Propaganda Related
[Online Promotion]

Include the translation and desktop publishing of the company official websites, e-commerce pages, propaganda PPT and product graphics.
[Multimedia Videos]

Include subtitling, audio recording and other related services for enterprise propaganda videos, product videos, advertising videos and other multimedia files.
Conference & On-site Related
[Conference Communication]

Include on-site interpretation and simultaneous interpretation in product promotion meeting, training exchange meeting, prospectus meeting, industry summit, enterprise celebration, press conference, business forum, project meeting, project presentation and other meetings.
[Accompanying Customer]

Include interpretation services for tour escort, business escort, technical exchange, equipment installation and other scenarios.
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