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Medical Industry

The medical field is a typical knowledge-intensive field, where practitioners must constantly learn about the cutting-edge trends of research in global laboratories, experiments in clinical institutions, patent application and registration of pharmaceutical companies, and upgrading and upgrading of medical devices. Therefore, there are all kinds of frequent online and offline learning exchanges and meetings, and a large demand for reading and learning of literature, papers, reports and monographs in the field.


As a professional medical translation brand owned by Shenzhen Marshub Co., Ltd., Marshub Language Services gathers professional medical translation talents within the Group and has a team of translation experts with medical background. To meet the needs of medical customers in these scenarios, we can provide mature solutions and high-quality, accurate medical translation services.

Translation & Desktop Publishing
[Manual/Product Manual Translation]

Include medical device manual, medical equipment product manual, diagnostic equipment product documents, project documents of medical services, etc.
[Medical Literature Translation]

Include translations of SCI academic papers, medical books, medical reference materials, professional works and other literature materials.
[Medical Report Translation]

Include translations of medical reports, diagnosis reports, discharge reports, image reports, etc.
[On-site Conference Interpretation]

Include on-site interpretation for all kinds of offline training, communication, lectures and conference.
[Remote Training Interpretation]

Provide online interpretation service for all kinds of remote lectures, conferences and learning exchanges.
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