Tips for translating Russian from Chinese
14 Jul 2022 14:51:47

  People's opportunities for foreign exchange have greatly increased. Language makes the communication process difficult. Translation plays a very important role in the middle. What are the skills of Sino Russian translation shared by Beyond-Cloud  translation company?

translating Russian from Chinese

  1、 Scientific Russian Vocabulary

  When translating Russian online, we must pay attention to the vocabulary of scientific and technological Russian. Although we don't need to master too much, we must have corresponding accumulation so that we can not be confused in the process of translation. Compared with ordinary words, although there are few words with professional and technical attributes, the occurrence rate is very high. In other words, as long as we can master these more than 3000 memorable common words, we can better help us speed up the translation of various scientific and technological works.

  In addition, we should note that there are a large number of professional nouns or terms in the recordable Russian vocabulary, which also includes the phenomenon of polysemy, that is, a word can replace many meanings and show different concepts in different fields, so it constitutes many meanings, This needs special attention in the process of translation.

  2、 Grammar Translation

  When translating Russian, the grammatical system used also needs special attention. Although Russian, which can remember vocabulary, is not beyond the system of all the people at present, as an independent style, it has its own uniqueness in grammar. For example, abstract nouns and verb nouns often used are used to express a specific concept or concrete things. In addition, the grammar of recordable Russian is very rigorous in structure, so they will use a lot of adverbials with relevance, such as adverbial verbs, phrases and adjectives, in order to achieve the characteristics of richer sentence content.

  3、 Word dynamics

  Russian, which has similar characteristics to English, may have many parts of speech when translating the same word. Sometimes it can express a state or an action. If a verb is called an adverbial in a sentence, it usually represents a personal subject, which can express a recognized view and fact. No, this phenomenon may not be common in Chinese, or it does not exist at all, but it needs special attention in Russian translation.

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