What are the characteristics of French translation?
12 Jul 2022 14:15:49

  French grammar is complex and tightly structured, which makes it difficult to learn. What are the characteristics of French translation?

French Translation Company

  1. More vowels; Many notes; There are many variants of verbs.

  2. Generally speaking, the pronunciation of French is not difficult, but there are many unfamiliar sounds, such as the most famous uvula and obscure consonants that are not well-known but confuse countless beginners, as well as the pronunciation problems of some letter combinations, as well as the pronunciation rules that are easy to forget and confuse, which need special attention.

  3. French is more complicated. Like the be verb in English, every verb in French changes with the change of person, tense, singular and plural, and changes a lot. Irregular verbs, in particular, are much more complex than English. There are many things that need to be memorized. In complex sentences, the verb tense coordination of subject and subordinate sentences is also complex, and the learning of level B basically revolves around it.

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