What are the characteristics of business contract translation?
11 Jul 2022 14:12:44

  A professional translation company has to translate a large number of contract documents in various fields and languages every day. In order to better complete the work, what are the characteristics of business contract translation?

contract translation

  The special function of contract and its strange stylistic characteristics objectively put forward more strict requirements for contract translation. The translation must be precise in meaning and strict in meaning, and should not be ambiguous because of its loose structure and confused meaning. Otherwise, one party to the contract will use the absolute accuracy and vagueness of the text to find cracks, so as to avoid responsibility. In business contract translation, we should first be accurate, and then strive to be smooth. If you only want to be smooth and accurate, it will become a random translation; If you only want to be accurate and smooth, you can't be really accurate. Therefore, the two restrict each other and lack one.

  Business contract is a special applied text, which focuses on recording facts. One of the characteristics of words is accuracy and preciseness. As a business contract is a document with legal effect, it is necessary to strictly define the obligations, rights, codes of conduct and other clear terms on both sides of the contract.

  Business translation should follow the principle of "faithfulness, accuracy and unity", so the translation principle of business contract should follow the principle of putting faithfulness first; The translation should be appropriate to the genre and title of the target language; Choose words accurately to avoid misunderstandings; Pay attention to the idiomatic usage of professional terms and official letter language.

  Based on these principles, we will be able to complete our work excellently and do better in social and economic growth.

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