what are the common methods of enterprise profile translation?
07 Jul 2022 13:57:39

  The language and structure of enterprise profile materials are restricted by their culture. Therefore, translators should flexibly and appropriately use translation methods and skills to reproduce the purpose and function of the original text in the translation. Beyond-Cloud Translation company will show you what are the common methods of enterprise profile translation?

enterprise profile translation

  (1) Reorganization law

  Chinese and English belong to different language systems, and there are great differences in condemning words and sentences. For example, when a car manufacturer was promoting a new car, it introduced that the new car is fast, efficient and flexible. According to Chinese expression habits, the subject "car" can be followed by several consecutive subject predicate phrases; Adjectives and adverbs in English sometimes play a corresponding role, and the modified subject does not need to be reproduced.

  (2) Deletion method

  In domestic enterprise profiles, some information is often repeated in order to match neatly or catchy. For these information, it is not necessary to translate them word by word in English translation. If these words are stacked together, it will not achieve rhetorical effect, but get half the result with half the effort, which will annoy foreign readers. At this time, we should delete the complicated and simplify, and grasp the focus of the original text for translation.

  In addition, in different social cultures, the similarities and differences of values also greatly affect the effect of profile publicity materials. Chinese people believe in absolute authority. The words "provincial excellence", "national excellence" and "subordinate enterprises" often appear in the profile of Chinese enterprises. Enterprises often regard various honors and awards obtained by products as authority and list them one by one. For Chinese people who worship authority, it may also increase consumers' trust in products and play a certain promotion effect. But for the British and Americans who advocate independence and freedom, these words have lost their practical significance.

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